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China Bag Machine


Miembro Nuevo
6 Abr 2021
Versión Photoshop
Photoshop CS 2
El Salvador
YAST-FD330P this is one of our paper bag making machine with double layer papers. The machine is multi-function paper bag machine, you can produce single paper of bags , or you can make the bag with double layers paper. The Double layers bag suit for flour or candy and so on which above 2kg.
Product Induction
The machine has two feeding areas, you can put tin and kraft paper combined, or oil resistant paper and kraft paper combined, depending on the weight of the paper you want to choose the paper to match.
Its bottom is sealed, which is best suited for dust and fine particle packaging and does not leak.He can be roller glue, also can spray gun glue, two-way choice, to meet the needs of different customers.
Double-layer paper carries a heavier weight, with a maximum load of more than 15 kilograms
Product Parameter(specification)
Product feature and application
Using the French SCHNEIDER touch screen man-machine interface control system, the operation interface is clear at a glance, the reflection is sensitive, and it is not easy to malfunction and break.
The side glue adopts automatic glue spraying, and the glue spraying process continuously glues, the glue amount is convenient to adjust and the glue amount is stable.
The paper tube forming adopts an integrated tube forming adjustment structure, which can be adjusted in one or two directions. The adjustment is simple, convenient, fast, and stable.
The whole machine uses the German LENZE programmable controller to control various types of machinery or production processes.
Germany LENZE PLC system ensures that the adjustment of cutting length canbe implemented directly on touch screen, meanwhile brings efficient and stable production.
The flow chart
Machine details
The real picture of the double layers paper bag making machine .
The material feeding unit one and material feeding unit two. Outside material you can use printed paper roll and inside which use blank.
Two layers paper glued together.
The paper in tube, bag forming.Never In the process of folding, the paper will not break.
Shipping package
The staff is debugging the machine. We will not ship the equipment until the final test is successful before it is sent out
Paper bag sample room, we can do all the paper bags with the square bottom of the reel
Deliver and serving
Q:how can we guarantee quality?
A:Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;
Q: How to answer technical guidance?
A:For some customers who need non-standard equipment, we will communicate with the company's relevant technical personnel according to the customer's specific requirements, taking into account the technical feasibility and production costs, and give customers solutions.
Choosing innovation in persistence, seeking happiness in innovation, and breaking through ourselves in happiness, our machines have become a part of our lives.
Q:In addition to Google, where else can I see our merchandise display?
A:We have released our products on the platform of Made in China.
http://yaster.en.made-in-china.comChina Bag Machine